The Evolution of Tamagotchi
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Tamagotchi. Who would not be familiar with this egg-shaped toy? Tamagotchi is the adorable virtual pet that has been around for years and is well loved by kids of all ages. Looking back, Tamagotchi was first invented by Aki Maita in the year 1996. It is a handheld toy with a virtual digital pet that you can interact with. It is then sold to Bandai, who then successfully marketed the toy dominantly in the United States, then in Japan and to the rest of the world.

The original Tamagotchi toy uses a dot matrix interface with three buttons A (scroll/ select), B (choose/ set), and C (cancel). Taking care of your virtual pet would be easy with the basic functions of your gadget namely Health, Games, Toilet, Food, Discipline, Friends, Light and Attention. You can also interact with other Tamagotchi with the toy’s infrared capabilities. Whenever your Tammy beeps for attention, look at it and check what it needs. With enough love, care and attention, you are sure to grow and nurture a healthy and happy Tamagotchi.

In 2005, Bandai released Tamagotchi version 2 with a little addition to the original gameplay of Tamagothci. With version 2, you can earn Gotchi points that you can use to shop for goodies to give your virtual pets. You can also use secret codes that would allow you to buy more stuff for your Tammy that are not available during regular play.

A year later, come 2006, Tamagotchi version 3 hit the shelves with a lot of features to excite Tammy fans. With the trend of online games, Tamagotchi will not be left behind. Tamagotchi V3 allows users to log on to where they can discover the fantasy world of Tamagotchi and earn Gotchi points to buy more goodies for their virtual pet.

In 2007, Tamagotchi version 4 and version 4.5 was introduced. Aside from doing the usual thing to your pet, like feeding or playing games with them, you can now send your Tammy to school. What more, they can also choose “fun jobs” that you want for them. They can even be a rockstar if you want. You can also log on to with your Tamagotchi V4 and V4.5 to enjoy fun games and earn points for your virtual pet.

With the popularity of Tamagotchi, other gaming companies showed their intent in incorporating Tamagotchi in their own line of toy products. Nintendo also has a Game Boy version of Tamagotchi. Nintendo released three versions of the Tammy Game Boy. Nintendo DS also created Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop 1 and 2. This time, Nintendo DS did not follow the original gameplay of the toy but created a game whose goal is to make various shop “royal” worthy of a visit from Princess Tamako.

Wii console also joined the Tamagotchi craze and created Tamagotchi: Party On, also known as Tamahotchi’s Sparking President. The game is centered on a race to become the next Tamagotchi President.

If you wanted to enjoy your Tamagotchi, there are a lot of fun and exciting options that you can choose. Indeed, Tamagotchi evolve into a number if great things. Join in the fun and grab your own Tammy today!

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Tamagotchi Version 4.5
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The Tamagotchi version 4.5 is the latest Tammy toy from Bandai. After the huge hit of the previous Tamagotchis, this famous egg-shaped toy is back with new improvements to delight its fans all over the world. Kids of all ages love this toy gadget. Even adults get hooked to it. This piece of toy can teach anyone the value of responsibility and pet care. It is not just a mere electronic toy, but a good companion that you can keep with you anywhere you go.

Tamagotchi version 3 and 4 has online connectivity. With the higher version Tamagotchi, online interactivity is made more fun and enjoyable. You can log on to and go around discovering the wonderful fantasy world of Tamagotchis. You can earn Gothi points by logging to the website and play games or take home souvenirs. You can use these Gotchi points to shop for goodies for your virtual pet.

You can connect with your friend’s Tamagotchi via infrared connectivity and play games or exchange gifts with other Tammys. Doing so can increase your Friends Meter. Tamagotchi V4.5 has single and double player option so that you can enjoy playing games with your virtual pets alone or with your friends. You can store a total of 45 friends in your Friends List. You can choose from 52 characters in all with 20 new characters added. You can enjoy 5 new games and 3 career options. Remember how you love to send your Tamagotchi version 4 to school? Tamagotchi version 4.5 now has 3 career options that you can choose from depending on the skills of your Tammy.

What’s even more exciting is that you can give your laptop a taste and experience of Tamagotchi world with the Tamagotchi PC Pack. It has a voice-activated capability that can let owners interact with his or her Tammy on the screen. The toy gadget comes with a microphone in the shape of a tree that kids would surely enjoy using while giving out voice commands to their virtual pet. You can play Tamagotchi games with your computer too. Your virtual pet can even bring to you your email. You would surely let out a smile when you see your Tamagotchi dance every now and then.

To go with your style and mood, Tamagotchi V4.5 also comes with a Decoration Kit that you can use to personalize your Tammy. You can change the skin of your toy and go with your favorite color. You can also pimp your Tamagotchi with jewels and stickers included in the kit. The Tamagotchi Decoration Kit comes in different color design collections including Blue Skin (Mametchi), White (Memetchi), Green (Kuchipatchi) and Pink (Violetchi).

Tamagotchi Version 4.5 is more focused on the social being of your virtual pets. It added three things that you need to focus on in order to nurture a loving and healthy Tamagotchi: career, partnering and education. With proper care and attention, your virtual pet can have several generations. You can also opt to pick a different character every time your play or use the same character. Tamgotchi just keeps getting better and better. Don’t be left behind and grab the newest and latest toy on the shelves- Tamagotchi version 4.5!

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Tammy Goes To School With Tamagotchi V4
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With the onset of online games, Playstations and network games, the classic game of virtual pet care still has a large following. Tamagotchi has been well loved by kids and adults alike since it was released way back in 1996.  Unlike online games or other popular games that young people are hooked up today, you can carry this handy toy gadget anywhere with you. You don’t need a PSP or a computer to have a little fun. Just bring out your Tamagotchi out of your jeans pocket and you would surely let out a smile whenever you see your virtual pet happy and healthy.

The year 2007 was a good year to release the Tamagotchi version 4 from Bandai America. This new version is also called the Tamagotchi V4. Indeed, technology has a big influence on the new Tamagotchi look and feel. It has more advanced features compared to its previous versions.

With Tamagotchi V4, you can do more than the usual thing that you do with your virtual pet. You can play more mini games with it. But the best added feature of the Tammy V4 is that your virtual pet can now even attend their very own school. When you send your Tammy to school or play games with them, it earns Skill Points. Each Skill Points falls under certain categories including Intelligence, Beauty and Social. When you have enough Skill Points for your Tammy, just like what most people do after they graduate, you can choose the “jobs” that you wanted for your virtual pet. They can be a doctor, a scientist, a fashion designer or even a rock star. These new feature spices up the normal life cycle of your pet and makes virtual pet care even more dynamic and exciting.

If Tamagotchi version 3 introduced you to “Gotchi” points, the Tamagotchi V4 now offers “Gotchi Posts”. Throughout the life span of your Tammy, it would receive a series of messages. They come in various forms, like for example- your virtual pet can receive either a bad or good fortune. They can also receive letters and news.

A follow up on the earlier version of Tamagotchi, the Tamagotchi town had also undergone some real makeover. You can log on to and enjoy the world of Tamagotchi at its best. You can interact with several virtual pets, play games or just discover this fantasy world for your self. You can earn “Gotchi” points that you can give your virtual pets that allows you to shop for your favorites finds at the shopping area. You can also use “Gotchi” points to relax and watch a movie in the Tama town, dine out, have a shopping spree or go meet the king of the Tamagotchi world.

Tamagotchi Version 4 still has an infrared capability that lets you interact with your friend’s virtual pets. You can play and exchange gifts and treats with other Tamagotchis. You can store up to 45 friends in your Friends List and choose among 52 characters. You have a total of 20 games to enjoy with your virtual pet. Share your everyday life with a Tamagotchi in your pocket and your virtual companion would surely give you a smile!

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Tamagotchi Version 3
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With the success of Tamagotchi version 1 and 2, Bandai comes up with another phenomenal hit with version 3 of the well-loved virtual pet toy. Tammys would not be left behind with Internet technology. Now you can have more fun with the toy’s improved interactivity. You can connect to the WorldWideWeb and give your virtual pets more options to be happy, be healthy and grow to its full potential!

Tamagotchi fanatics can log on and enjoy an entirely different and exciting online play, which is greatly patterned to the original concept of the toy. Once you enter the website, you would be asked to enter your desired username. You can then hang out inside the mystical world of the Tammys. You can discover new places, play games and win Gotchi prizes for your virtual pet!

Your Tamagotchi and its online website connect with each other so you can store, save and view the Gotchi points that you earn. You can earn Gotchi points by going around Tama town and playing games although you can still earn Gotchi points the old fashion way. You can play with your virtual pet, feed it, clean up its mess and take care of it while it’s sick- do these things and you have yourself hard earned Gotchi points as well. You can use your Gotchi points to buy treats and goodies for your virtual pet at its shopping area.

On the website, you would meet several delightful Tamagotchis. They now come in full color!  Log on and meet Mametchi, Kuchipatchi, Memetchi together with all their similarly lovable friends. You can go to the mall, the townhall, go to school or play some arcade games. While at the Tama world, don’t forget to pay a courtesy call to the famed Tamagotchi king. There is a whole new and exciting world before you that you can explore!

With the larger display of Tamagotchi version 3, you would definitely enjoy playing with it more often. The graphics are greatly improved. It still has the same functions and control buttons similar to the rest of the Tamagotchi gadgets.

Tamagotchi version 3 still has the capabilities to interact with other Tammys with its infrared capabilities. You can still play and trade gifts with your friend’s virtual pets. You can store up to 45 friends in your Friends List. It also offers 3 additional refreshed games. You can choose from a total of 52 characters with 20 new characters added.

You can pick from a 24 all-new Tamagotchi designs that would suit your mood and your style. Some of the new design collections that you can choose from are “Tropical Translucent Yellow”, “Oceanic Wave”, “Jungle Camouflage”, “Ice Cream”, “Translucent Yellow” and “Metallic Silver”.

You can gauge how good you are as virtual pet owner because with the Tamagotchi version 3, you can grow several generations of pets. But keep in mind that you can only do so if you know how to take care of your pet and feed it well.

Online interactivity is definitely the thing of the future. And our Tamagotchi friends would not certainly be left behind. You can get the Tamagotchi version 3 and enjoy online Tama games plus you can earn Gotchi points to delight your lovable virtual pets!

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Tamagotchi Version 2
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Year 2005 paved the way for the newer version of the original Tammy known as Tamagotchi version 2. After the great success of Tamagotchi version 1, comes the virtual pet gadget in a more improved and enjoyable package. There are a number of new added features that attracts more kids of all ages to get a hold of this toy. The interactivity of the toy is greatly improved, which makes virtual pet care even more exciting and fun.

Tamagotchi version 2 still has the original concept of virtual pet care. The owner of the Tammy needs to give it attention and care. It would first come out as an egg and would eventually turn into a baby, a child, a teenager, and an adult. The health and the welfare of your virtual pet basically depend on your hands. It would grow healthier and happier if you give them the right amount of food, proper attention, put them to sleep on time and play with them every so often. If not, your virtual pet would stop growing and worse come to worse, it can eventually die.

One of the exciting additions to Tamagotchi version 2 is how you can earn “Gotchi” points. You can use these points to buy stuff and goodies for your virtual pet like food. You can earn “Gotchi” points when you play games or do something special for your virtual pet. There are also more options for you when your pet’s mealtime is up. You can offer them a ‘meal’, a ‘snack’ and the newest addition to the food line up- a ‘treat”. You can only get a ‘treat’ if you shop with your “Gotchi” points. You would observe that your virtual pet’s Happy Meter would noticeably increase when you give it some ‘treats’. You can also opt to give your friend’s Tammy a ‘treat’ via the toy’s infrared option. Tamagotchi version 2 also added four new games that you and your virtual pet can enjoy together.

Do you want some challenge? Tamagotchi version 2 uses secret codes that you can use to gain access to more shopping areas and buy items that cannot easily be attained during normal play. A secret code is composed of a sequence of buttons that you need press. The secret codes are disclosed during special advertising, events or promos of Tamagotchi.

The Tamagotchi version 2 toys also come in an exciting new look, designs and colors. You can definitely find the Tamagotchi piece that is right for you. Some of the designs that you can choose from include “Hearts N More”, “Spring Time”, “Makeup Fun”, “Tropical Fun”, “Milky Blue with Polka Dots”, “Milky Pink with Stars” and “Milky White with Hearts”. For the male Tamagotchi fanatics, you can try version 2 designs like “Cobalt Blue”, “Red with Jelly Beans”, “White with Lifesavers”, “Shapes and Stripes” and “Camouflage”.

If you wanted to get your Tammy a real friend, you can purchase the “True Friends” collection that is composed of two Tamagotchi toys. Both Tammy come in complimentary design that would definitely delight you!

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Tamagotchi Version 1
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There are a number of Tamagotchi gadgets that are out in the market today. But a lot of people still love and treasure the original Tamagotchi version 1. Why so? It is the simplest Tamagotchi to enjoy. Even kids love playing with the original version of the game.

The concept of Tamagotchi is very basic. The toy stimulates and mirrors the life cycle of a pet. As Bandai would characterize a Tamagotchi, it is a tiny pet, not from this world, but from cyber space that needs attention and someone to take care of them to survive and grow. If the owner does not take care of his or her Tamagotchi, then the virtual pet would get ugly or mean and would eventually die. But once an owner showered his or her virtual pet with attention, love and care, then it would be healthy and more adorable every single day.

The Tamagotchi version 1 has 10 basic options that you can use to help them grow, namely health (icon: weighting scale), games (icon: baseball), toilet (icon: toilet bowl), food (icon: chef), discipline (talking icon), medicine (icon: medicine bag), lights (icon: lamp), friends (icon: book), attention (face icons) and infrared communication (icon: heart). You can find three buttons at the bottom of the toy that you can use to select, execute or cancel a command.

On top of the things that you can with your virtual pet, Tamagotchi also has a number of added features that you can enjoy. The Tamagotchi version 1 allows two or more Tamagotchi to int eract with each other like play games or exchange gifts. Your Tamagotchi can play with the gifts it receives or wear the things your Tamagotchi friends give it. You can also store and save up to 50 of your friend’s name in your the friends list.

Tamagotchi version 1 has five basic growth processes. The first time you would use your Tamagotchi virtual pet, it comes in the form of an egg. Once you get to use your toy, it would develop into a baby, a child, a teenager and lastly, an adult Tamagotchi.

If your virtual pet needs something, the toy would send off a beep to catch your attention. You would then notice that the “Attention” button is highlighted. You need to check whether your Tamagotchi needs food, some sleep or it just needs some playing around.

Your Tamagotchi toy might as well be your companion everywhere you go. It is a virtual pet that you can enjoy playing with. You can feed it or play games with it if you are bored. But it also needs constant care, especially if it grows sick. If you wanted to take care of a real pet in the future, you can actually practice your skills at taking care of animals with this toy gadget.

Tamagotchi is not just a mere toy. It is a good companion that you bring along anywhere. Not only that, it can also teach you a lot of things like responsibility and pet care. So grab your own Tamagotchi today!

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Tamagotchi Tips
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There are a lot of things that you can do for your Tamagotchi to grow healthier and happier. You can do the usual things good virtual pet owners do like feed their Tammy on time, put them to sleep properly, play games with them and let them be friends with other Tamagotchis. But if you are doing all these things and you think that you are doing superb job in taking care of your virtual pet but they do not seem to grow to its full potential, here are some useful tips that might help you nurture a bright and beaming Tamagotchi:

Toilet habits
If you see some curly lines just beside your Tamagotchi that means that it has to use the toilet. Push the Toilet button as quickly as you can. But if in case you’re too late to do that, you can still clean up the mess. Just remember to clean up its poo as soon as you can, else your Tammy would probably get sick.

Weight check
It is a no-no to overfeed your Tamagotchi. You need to check the Health Meter as often as you can. Remember that if the screen would show 4 hearts for Hunger, it means that it is full already and you need not feed it anymore.  To make sure that you are not overfeeding your virtual pets take a look at the weight maintenance chart below:
Baby: 5 to lbs.
Child: 10 to 12 lbs.
Teenager: 13 to 16/20 lbs
Adult: 15 to 24/ 30 to 32 lbs
Just like pets and humans, your Tamagotchi needs regular exercise too. Playing games is a form of exercise as well. Here’s a tip: your virtual pet would love to have a snack after playing a game. If you feel that your Tammy doesn’t want to play, you can try giving them a candy treat instead.

Discipline your Tammy when you need to. Punish (Scolding) it when it beeps for unknown reasons. Like for instance if its meters are not empty or when your Tammy does not want to eat. But maker sure that you praise (Patting) your Tammy if it’s been behaving well and especially when it’s crying. 

Your Tamagotchi usually pairs off with another Tamagotchi. Interactions with other Tammy can increase Closeness Level for friendship and can reach True Love level. When this happens you can go for Love Marriage. Soon enough, you would give birth to next generation Tammy.  But if you do not have friends that you can interact your Tammy with, Ms. Busybody can still get the right partner for your virtual pet.
Check Meter
When your toy’s calling sign flashes, you need to immediately check what your Tammy needs. Press the appropriate icon to give your virtual pet what it wants. If you do not give attention to your Tammy, it would have a habit of bleeping every so often. How you take care of your virtual pet basically dictates how it would grow as an adult character.

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Tamagotchi Virtual Pet Characters
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Tamagotchi is one of the most successful toys ever created by Bandai. Since its release in 1996, Tamagotchi has been a worldwide hit. To this day, this virtual pet still has a big following, both from the young audience and adults. Aside from the fact that a Tammy is an enjoyable thing to take care of, the fun and loveable characters of Tamagotchi are really irresistible and adorable. Their cute demeanor only brings you to love and take care of them even more.

To have a peek at the virtual pets available for you to choose from, here are the favorite picks of Tamagotchi characters:
Black and White Babytchi (baby)
As baby Tammys, virtual pets at this stage need a lot of attention. You need to take them to the bathroom because they often poop. Black babytchi represents a boy and the white one represents a girl babytchi.

Marutchi (child)
You can get this yellow colored Tamagotchi from first generation Tammys. They are as mischievous as any child would and often bounce up and down.

Kinakomotchi (child)
If you manage to train your Tamagotchi well, you have a big chance of getting a Kinakomotchi as a 2nd generation Tammy.

Itchigotchi (teenager)
Upon seeing this Tamagotchi, you would be reminded of a strawberry. Its name, Itchigotchi, actually means little strawberry. This is a hyper Tammy that would often sing, dance and round around.

Young Miitchi (teenager)
This is one of the more adorable Tamagotchi with its blue “ears” that makes sits really attractive.

Hinotamatchi (teenager)
This red flame Tammy is known to be one of the more delightful Tamagotchi to have.

Oniontchi (teenager) 
At first glance, you would liken this Tammy to an onion! One of its favorite hobbies is to jump. This particular Tamagotchi needs a lot of attention from you.              

Tarakotchi (adult)
This light brown duck-like Tamagotchi is very pleasurable to keep. It does not need a truckload of care but loves to give you a lot of kisses. It can even receive a skateboard if given as a present from other Tammy.   

Mametchi (adult)
This is one of the more popular Tamagothci. This lovable yellow creature would loves to keep itself clean all the time. She spends a lot time brushing her teeth and taking a bath!

Hamatchi (adult)
The blue body and prominent red nose of Hamatchi is surely an attention grabber. But be forewarned this Tammy needs a lot of tending and may be quite sickly if not taken cared of properly.

Robotchi (adult)
This cute robot-like Tammy is very cute on the screen. They are also referred to as Androtchi.

Gozarutchi (adult)
If you love watching ninja films, a Gozarutchi is perfect for you. It is the ninja Tammy complete with costume.

Oyajitchi (mature adult)
Not everyone can get this mature adult Tammy. It can be attained by using a secret method. Its prominent mustache is quite funny.

Otokitchi (mature adult)
There are some virtual pet owners who do not let their Tammy marry. If that were the case, you would turn your pet into this grandfather Tammy.

Otokitchi (mature adult)
Do you know the matchmaker Mrs. Busybody? Well, it is actually an Otokitchi or the grandmother Tammy.

With the list of Tamagotchi characters, makes your quest in growing your virtual even more interesting and challenging!

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Tamagotchi Planet
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What is Tamagotchi Planet?
Tamagotchi is a small pet from cyberspace that is presented to the player in the form of an egg. The pet is then hatched out and after that the player is needed to take care of it for some time. The characteristics of the grown up Tamagotchi depend on the manner in which the creature is taken care of by the player. If the player takes good care of the pet, it will slowly grow bigger, healthier and more beautiful every day. However if the player neglects the creature it will grow into a mean and ugly being.

How is the game played?
To start with a Tamagotchi egg will appear when the first tab is pulled. At this point the clock has to be set, and after five minutes the egg will hatch. For the first hour the creature will demand almost complete attention, and the needs of the pet will be displayed on the health meter. The pet will be highly demanding in this phase where it is called as Babitchi or Shirobabitchi. The player has to feed it till it is full, play a game with it till it is happy and clean its mess when it goes poop. After 20 to 30 minutes the creature will take a nap for 5 minutes. After waking up it will continue to make demands for another 30 minutes, after which it will enter the child form or the Marutchi or Tonmarutchi, depending on the generation hatched. In this form it won’t be as demanding as it was, but this phase will shape its character and this has to be shaped by the player. After 6 to 8 days the pet will assume an adult character. As the creature reaches ages above 16 it will start acting in a strange manner and will require more care.

Finally the pet will depart for its planet and the duration for which it stays with the player will depend on how well it is taken care of by the player. 11 to 16 years is considered to be a good job while 17 to 22 is regarded as excellent. Anything above 23 id amazing and requires near perfect care. There is also a “Secret Character”, and the pet will change into this only if the player takes perfect care of the pet. To pause, the player can go in the clock mode by pressing the middle button and then pressing both the far right and the far left buttons simultaneously. This also enables the player to set the clock. This feature helps the player to take a break when he or she is tired of taking continuous care of the pet.

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Tamagotchi Characters
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In today’s technological advancement it is possible to manage the fate of the Tamagotchi characters by choosing the kind of classes to take in school and later in their career. It is possible to experience what it feels like to be a rock star, doctor, florist or a fashion designer. Never in the history of Tamagotchi has there been a feature like that of V4. This version empowers fans to choose how to make their pets live, what to feed the pets and so on.

It is possible to determine the future of the characters by playing mini games and collecting points. Depending on the accumulation of points one can choose from amongst 15 different professions. The carriers can be changed later as and when there are openings. As in real life these characters must prove that they are fit for a particular job in this case, one needs to have the right skills.

Since it is human nature to anticipate good and bad fortune, a new feature “Gotchi Post” is added so that people will eagerly wait for adventures in their lives. Guidance and invitations are also given to characters as to when should they attend primary school, elementary school and the right time to apply for a job.

There are new games and activities that are introduced in the 4th version. The points collected can be used to shop in a mall, visit parents, that is, the former players, enjoy a movie at a theater and have a cup of coffee in a food court. It is possible to travel to exotic destinations like Paris and Africa by accumulating enough number of points. The technology of version 4 has increased so much that it is possible for kids to see online interaction between characters when they are on their way to school and takes part in various other activities of daily life.

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