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There are a lot of things that you can do for your Tamagotchi to grow healthier and happier. You can do the usual things good virtual pet owners do like feed their Tammy on time, put them to sleep properly, play games with them and let them be friends with other Tamagotchis. But if you are doing all these things and you think that you are doing superb job in taking care of your virtual pet but they do not seem to grow to its full potential, here are some useful tips that might help you nurture a bright and beaming Tamagotchi:

Toilet habits
If you see some curly lines just beside your Tamagotchi that means that it has to use the toilet. Push the Toilet button as quickly as you can. But if in case you’re too late to do that, you can still clean up the mess. Just remember to clean up its poo as soon as you can, else your Tammy would probably get sick.

Weight check
It is a no-no to overfeed your Tamagotchi. You need to check the Health Meter as often as you can. Remember that if the screen would show 4 hearts for Hunger, it means that it is full already and you need not feed it anymore.  To make sure that you are not overfeeding your virtual pets take a look at the weight maintenance chart below:
Baby: 5 to lbs.
Child: 10 to 12 lbs.
Teenager: 13 to 16/20 lbs
Adult: 15 to 24/ 30 to 32 lbs
Just like pets and humans, your Tamagotchi needs regular exercise too. Playing games is a form of exercise as well. Here’s a tip: your virtual pet would love to have a snack after playing a game. If you feel that your Tammy doesn’t want to play, you can try giving them a candy treat instead.

Discipline your Tammy when you need to. Punish (Scolding) it when it beeps for unknown reasons. Like for instance if its meters are not empty or when your Tammy does not want to eat. But maker sure that you praise (Patting) your Tammy if it’s been behaving well and especially when it’s crying. 

Your Tamagotchi usually pairs off with another Tamagotchi. Interactions with other Tammy can increase Closeness Level for friendship and can reach True Love level. When this happens you can go for Love Marriage. Soon enough, you would give birth to next generation Tammy.  But if you do not have friends that you can interact your Tammy with, Ms. Busybody can still get the right partner for your virtual pet.
Check Meter
When your toy’s calling sign flashes, you need to immediately check what your Tammy needs. Press the appropriate icon to give your virtual pet what it wants. If you do not give attention to your Tammy, it would have a habit of bleeping every so often. How you take care of your virtual pet basically dictates how it would grow as an adult character.

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